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Examples of parts made :


Aeronautical sector: components and components, components of propulsion systems


Medical and / or Pharmaceutical: Thin wall containers for biological analysis, bi-material actuators for liquid dispensing, perforators and various transfusion line parts, surgical materials, etc.

Electrical: Counters, electrical boxes, boxes, multi-way valves, etc ...

Sport and Leisure: Ski bindings, headlamps, etc ...

Cosmetics and / or Perfumery: Powders, various stoppers, dosers etc ...

Agri-food: Bottle stoppers standard hat and sport, snap-on lids, etc.

Automotive: (including prestige)

Under engine bonnet: intake manifolds, feed ramp, butterfly housing, expansion tanks with unscrewing, attenuators (air ducts), housings (multi-way BSE), various casings, injection ramp, etc.

Vehicle interior: high-end dashboard elements (aerator and front, dual and tri-material ventilation wheels, consoles, control knobs), handles and holders with gas injection, loudspeaker grille, bi-material ashtray , etc ...

Exterior vehicle: Front and rear bumper, fog lamps, opening handles, two-piece bowl, fuel hatch and gates, various other exterior elements.

These are some examples


Boitier BSE