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We develop technologies and support services that allow our customers to differentiate themselves from a technical and productivity point of view..

General Technologies:
- Single-material tooling and insert molding
- Bi and tri-material tools (rotary, transfer or locks)
- Tools for injections of liquid silicone LSR, urea
- Tooling with unscrewing and rotating core technology
- Two-stage tools
- Tools with gas or water assisted injection
- Compression or injection molding tools, thermosetting, blow molding


Innovative Technologies:

- Thermal optimization tooling: Creation of elements or impressions by laser fusion of steel powder (up to 56HRC) which can reduce the press cycle time by up to 40%

  Plastronics: Development of intelligent tooling and plastic parts (integration of elements, functions, molded sensors in plastic parts)

- Molds with "hot-cold" technology (magnetic fields and other technologies)

TECHNIMOLD has a controlled manufacturing process and a perfect knowledge of all types of materials, which allows us to adapt to the needs and requirements of each of our customers: advice, technical support, short lead times for machining parts small and medium series.

TECHNIMOLD is committed to your satisfaction for your total satisfaction.

Our qualified technical team is attentive to the needs of our clients and prospects, is able to advise and provide technical solutions to reduce costs and improve finished products.

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