Located in Oyonnax, in the heart of the plastic valley, TECHNIMOLD designs and produces mechanical tools for processing plastics. We also provide you with support in machining small and medium mechanical pieces

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Our manufacture process includes generalist and innovative processes for materials like :

Polyolefins, PET, ABS, PC,  PEEK, PPS, PAI, PSU, liquid silicone LSR, Thermosetting...

moule multi empreinte

We take great care in the manufacturing our moulds which are entirely created in our workshop to provide you with the best finished goods.

Our clients are based in France and worldwide in various fields : medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, space, electronics, cosmetics, agribusiness…

TECHNIMOLD is certificated ISO 9001.


Why would you choose TECHNIMOLD ?

TECHNIMOLD is commited  for a quality and confidence approach with its customers. We have it at heart to supply the most transparent and profitable solutions for your projects.

By improving our practices, we ensure your satisfaction and our positive impact.

Technical support

Co-design of pieces, tools, project management...

High accuracy

We guarantee high precision product to ensure performance and profitability

Controlled manufacturing

Every product is unique and we control the use of specific technologies, sometimes crossed.


We guarantee the quality of our products. Each product is on tailor-made.

Responsible approach

Adiabatic cooling in the workshop with very low environmental impact, by-pass of recuperation of energies from compressed air and cold generators, air compressors with frequency variation, heating new generation, LED lighting and light sensors, electric vehicles, waste sorting and recycling programs.

Deadline compliance

We commit to delivering your projects within agreed timetables using our advanced devices and organisation.


We are at your disposal for assistance upstream, during and downstream on your project

Quality and employee well-being

We care about the well- being of our workers and we maintain the highest standards every day in our production conditions in our workshop : cooling for the dimensional control of precision machining, whatever the outside temperature changes, organisation of the working area...


All our exchanges and projects are private.


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